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Director Message

Director Message

Last modified on: Monday Mar 01, 2021

Message from Director's Desk

When your child is 2.5 years old, one of the most important decisions that you need to make is the choice of the right preschool for him/her. As 50% of the brain development takes place from 2 to 4 years of age, it is critical that you take the right decision so that your child receives the right foundation for life. However, in the presence of a large number of preschools with varied facilities, making the right choice often becomes confusing. A number of questions might be running through your mind while making the choice, such as:

“Which is the right school for my child?”
“What are the facilities available?”
“What are the previous results?”
“Who is the management, are they educationists?”
“What are their qualifications?”
“Will my child be happy?”

After going through this website, you will get a glimpse of the various aspects of life which we offer at Moms Pride My Chhota School. You will realise that a child who enters into the cheerful and colourful corridors of Moms Pride My Chhota School will be motivated to learn & explore everything that his/her curious young mind wishes to, in a loving, caring, encouraging, motivating and a positive learning environment. So, after your child completes his/her journey of learning at Moms Pride My Chhota School, he/she will be fully prepared to enter into the bigger set up of a formal school.

Your child deserves the best, so I leave this privilege to you to decide for your child. However, the moment your child joins Moms Pride My Chhota School, I would be happy to take him/her to a journey which is enjoyable, enriching and rewarding. I look forward to welcoming you to the SHEMROCK Family!

Mr. Jagdish Singh
Founder, Director
Moms Pride My Chhota School Chhata

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