Admission Open For PLAY GROUP For Session 2021-2022 Welcome To Chhatravan Public School! VISIT OFFICE FOR ADMISSION FORM TIMING - 8:30 AM to 01:30 PM



Last modified on: Thursday Feb 25, 2021



In playgroup, we let children play & explore their surroundings. The crucial skills such as greeting, expression & communication are taught in this stage. Child is made comfortable in the school environment & focus is development of fine motor skills.


In this age group, the primary focus is on building critical thinking abilities & general cognitive development. This starts with identifying colors, numbers, patterns, shapes & understanding qualities & quantities of various objects around them.


Language skills become very crucial in this age group. We teach language effectively through various activities like storytelling, role play, recitations & much more. What they speak will lay down the foundation of what they will write in future.


Writing skills become important in UKG. We teach cursive writing to the kids & focus on correct formation of letters & alphabets both in English & Hindi. Concept of numbers in basic Mathematics is also introduced at this stage of learning.

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